Dental Refining

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Dental Refining

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In our youth, many of us decide to have dental fittings made of gold and other precious metals. The aesthetic value of dental adornments can’t be measured, but their monetary value can be. When you reach the point where you no longer desire to have your dental ornaments, you always have the option of having them removed and refined for cash.

Because of the eternal usefulness of precious metals, we can always have our tooth fittings extracted and recycled or refined so that we can have them replaced and renewed or just make our money back. Dental refining involves collecting dental scrap and melting it into resalable gold that can be recycled and resold to the market. A good dental refining service provider can ensure that you get the most value for your dental scrap.

MB Precious Metals, Inc. is a trusted and well known provider of precious metal assaying and refining services throughout the area of Baltimore, MD. Built on a passion for quality services and client satisfaction, we have grown from being recommended by our clients to colleagues and industry peers. Our position as the most trusted dental refining service provider in our area is a result of consistent quality on all the services we provide and a commitment to getting our clients the most value for their dental scrap.

Our teams of specialists have skills that range from precious metal assaying to dental refining and precious metal refining. This combined skill range means that our expertise in refining is applied to all sizes of client requests, so every client benefits from the same techniques and technology that is used for large refining and assaying requests.

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