Assaying Precious Metals

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Assaying Precious Metals

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Whenever a significant quantity of precious metal is exchanged, it is the industry standard to have it assayed in order to assert the value of the precious metal as well as the mineral content. This allows for every buyer and seller of precious metals to have an accurate indicator of the intrinsic and market value of their asset.

There are a number of ways and processes by which one can go about assaying precious metals, jewelry and art pieces. Some methods are only suitable for assaying precious metals, while others can be used on any kind of valuable object. These valuation methods are broken down into different categories, mainly destructive and non-destructive.

For items that cannot be drilled or molten, non-destructive valuation is most suitable. Through the use of X-Ray technology, items and precious metals can be analyzed and have their composition detailed without having to damage or affect the items in any way. While this technology is fairly accurate, there are more accurate systems that allow you to determine the value of your gold or platinum.

When destructive methods can be used, fire assaying is the most accurate way of determining the exact composition of the metal or measuring the precious metal content in the alloy. The process involves melting alloys in a manner that allows for the separation of different metals and minerals within the alloy.

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