About Us

When you trust MB Precious Metals, Inc. to take care of your precious
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About Us

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For over 30 years, MB Precious Metals, Inc. has been helping the residents of Baltimore, MD and the entire eastern seaboard take care of their assaying and refining needs.

We work in many areas in this sector including:
• Buying and Selling Precious Metals
• Buying and Selling Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins and Bars
• PFM, Crown and Bridge

Our Process
• Weigh Out Metal on Premise
• Calculate Estimate
• Provide Payment for Metal
• Assay and Refine Metal
• Provide Balance Due After Analysis

What we buy are PFM, Crown and Bridge, Dental Squares, amalgam scrap, lead foil, gold platinum, silver bars and coins.

At MB Precious Metals, Inc., we are simply passionate about the world of precious metals. We have spent a lifetime perfecting our skills and understanding the art form of refining these materials so that we can be ideally suited to meet your needs.

We are a family owned business which is currently being run by Adam Baumwald, and we work hard to give everyone who walks through our doors quality services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in treating all of our clients as if they are family through friendly customer service and by exceeding expectations.

What are you waiting for? For more details on all of our services and how we can help you, contact us today.